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Pine River Spicy Beer Cheese

WI - $6.99

From Wisconsin, the state that knows cheese! No preservatives or artificial flavors added to this tasty cheese spread. It’s a unique blend of spices, beer and cheddary flavors. It’s a bold yet smooth taste. Grab some pretzels, a frosty beverage and you’re ready for the big game.

Pine River Spicy Beer Cheese

WI - $6.99

From Wisconsin, the state that knows cheese! No preservatives or artificial flavors added to this tasty cheese spread. It’s a unique blend of spices, beer and cheddary flavors. It’s a bold yet smooth taste. Grab some pretzels, a frosty beverage and you’re ready for the big game.


Keystone Farms Blueberry Infused Cheddar $9.99

Indulge in our Blueberry Cheddar Cheese! You'll find this cheese to be slightly sweet yet smooth and mild. This fruit flavored cheddar offers the succulent flavors infused with REAL blueberries and mild fresh cheddar. This specialty flavored cheese brings a touch of sweet blueberries to your favorite crackers!


This sweet, dessert cheese goes well with fruit beers, sweet white wines, Schnapps, or fruit juice!


Cinnamon Apple Cheddar $8.99

One of our owners favorites! This mild yellow cheddar cheese has REAL apple chunks and cinnamon throughout! In the midwest a piece of cheddar cheese accompanies their apple pie. Cheese lovers and dessert lovers will appreciate this unparalleled taste experience.

We like off-dry, mature beverages that have just a touch of sweetness like saison ale, cider, bock and Belgian ales. For wine, we recommend riesling, chardonnay and champagne (whites) and syrah, pinot noir and chianti (reds). Bourbon and single malt scotch are always sure bets too.


Keystone Farms Tomato Basil Feta  $8.99

This is one of our owners personal favorites! We pack a tasty combination of tomato, basil and parsley to this delicious feta cheese. With so much flavor, you will want to cook this with every omelet you make. Top it on a salad or even just a slice of tomato!


Try pairing it with a fragrant white wine to stand up to its salty, intense flavor!


Keystone Farm Cheeses


Keystone Farms Cheese is  all-natural cheese, proudly handcrafted in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

The ingredients are simple and honest – 

No additives. No preservatives. No rBST. No gluten. 

Keystone Farm’s is  a bustling place with over 40 jersey cows and 10 calves. All of our livestock are born naturally and peacefully on the farm. What’s so important to us is the fact that our animals are named, not numbered and are raised on our property. They enjoy a balanced diet and are given plenty of personal attention by the youngest daughter, Lauren.

Keystone Farms Cheese is committed to providing our customers with only the finest quality artisanal cheeses available. All products are made from 100% Wisconsin cow's milk, and contain no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, and no added hormones!

You'll find our cheeses to be some of the most delicious cheeses that you have ever tasted! Made with ingredients that we trust, are proud of and eat ourselves! Our Master Cheesemakers continue to make these hand-crafted cheeses in the Swiss-German tradition of excellence; made in small batches, using only the finest ingredients available. Lots of love from our farm to your table!

Currently in stock we have-- Bacon Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Buffalo Wing Jack, Chipotle Cheddar, Classic Fortina, Horseradish Havarti & Spinach Artichoke Jack, Cheese Curds, Gorgonzola, Garlic & Herb, Olive Jack


Something New Just For You!

The Gracious Gourmet, based in the rolling hills of rural Bridgewater Connecticut, has created a line of delicious, easy to use and all natural condiments, fruit spreads, jams and pestos that transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary ones without any fuss. The quality of our products is second to none and their uses are nearly unlimited.

Our customers are busy and sophisticated people who enjoy exciting and innovative food. Our condiments serve as the perfect complements to many things, from cheese to ice cream, and can be combined with other ingredients to create memorable hors d’oeuvres, main courses and desserts.

Whether you are putting together a dinner party for a dozen or enjoying a quiet night at home, The Gracious Gourmet is here to help. Our aim is quite simple: we want to make every one of your dining experiences a special occasion!

Artichoke Parmesan Tapenade $8.99

If you love artichokes, you'll enjoy our rich, gourmet

tapenade full of artichokes and their hearts, creamy

parmesan cheese,   and olive oil accented with onions,

garlic, herbs and dots of roasted tomatoes.

Serve Artichoke Parmesan Tapenade from The Gracious

Gourmet on bruschetta rounds. Stir into a saffron risotto.

Toss with pasta. Spread on a shellfish or chicken sandwich.

Fold into a cheese omelet. Eat straight out of the jar!.

The Gracious Gourmet Balsamic Fig Jam $8.99

Bold balsamic vinegar brings an additional dimension to

traditional gourmet fig jam. Balsamic Fig Jam from Empresa

by The Gracious Gourmet works with a variety of sweet

and savory dishes. A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys

gourmet jam. Partner with brie, creamy goat or blue cheeses.

Use atop breads, biscuits, pancake or yogurt. Lather poultry,

pork, game and cured meats.

Caramelized Onion Fig Spread $8.99

Delicious with all cheeses and charcuterie. Pair with poultry,

pork and game. Top a white pizza. Delicious as a chicken,

pork or turkey sandwich spread.

Cranberry Raspberry Blood Orange Spread $8.99

Tart cranberries mingle with sweet raspberries and blood

orange juice to create a fruit spread with a clean, bright taste.

The beautiful reds of the berries make it as lovely to serve

as it is delicious.Stir Cranberry Raspberry Blood Orange

Spread into plain yogurt  or vanilla ice cream. Top a breakfast

parfait or complement soft cheeses. Serve with roast meats,

desserts and all types of bread.

Smoky Ginger Peach Spread $8.99

Juicy peaches are cooked with fragrant exotic cardamom,

cinnamon and white pepper and accented with a delicate

smoky flavor to accompany practically anything. Smoky

Ginger Peach Spread goes well with cheeses, ice cream and

more. Superb accompaniment to grilled or smoked ribs,

poultry, game and shellfish. Serve with cow, sheep and

goat cheese. Top vanilla ice cream or plain yogurt. Mix into

hot oatmeal or breakfast grits.

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Birdie's Pimento Cheese

Handmade in Southern Virginia, Birdie’s Pimento Cheese is just as welcome at a wedding shower as it is at a tailgate. Familiar and unique at the same time, Robin and Glenn
(fondly known as Birdie & Bubba) have created four year round flavors and four seasonal flavors ranging from traditional to the unexpected.


It started with a simple tub of pimento cheese. When Robin Allen was growing up, there was always some in the fridge, and since it was easier to eat a spoonful of pimento cheese than to make a sandwich, she chose it for her go-to after school snack.

A revitalization grant brought a farmers market to the Allen’s home of South Hill, Virginia; and soon after catching the market bug, Robin and Glenn came up with a plan to sell three flavors of pimento cheese--just for one day--at the market, just to see what it was like. Turns out, they loved everything about it.

The town of South Hill, VA paved a clean path for Robin and Glenn to get their pimento cheese inspected and their business established, and after that first day--making new friends over pimento cheese, feeling the thrill of the sale, and selling out all 30 tubs of cheese they had in stock--Robin and Glenn had a hunch that this might be their next life. A few months later, they sold the printing business and started making Virginia’s pimento cheese full-time. Birdie’s Pimento Cheese was born. Now they sell at farmers markets, festivals, breweries, and retail stores all over central Virginia and beyond.

 Currently in stock--Classic, Jalapeno and Smoked Gouda







In 1922, our founding great-grandfather, Gottlieb Dietz, fled the crumbling economy of post-WWI Germany and planted his family roots in Philadelphia. Here, he perfected his skills as a sausage maker for nearly two decades before purchasing The Watson Meat Company in 1939. The original facility was located next to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge on the Delaware River in Philadelphia’s Old City. This historic neighborhood inspired many of the time-honored family recipes that are still used today.

Is there anything better than cheese? Probably, but it's either illegal or highly frowned upon.

Quality is our North Star. Integrity wins the day. Family is our heart and soul. Oh, and we make the best meat and cheese products that will ever grace your lips.

That’s because we believe that the moments shared over family meals are the moments that make life worth living.

Currently in stock--Bacon Horseradish, Champagne Cheddar,

Peppadew, Roasted Garlic & Smoked Gouda


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TBJ Gourmet

What is Bacon Jam you ask?

Bacon Jam at its core is bacon, brown sugar, onions and a whole lot of stirring. We have three varieties that can all be simply spread on crackers, elegantly spread to elevate appetizers or to baconize your favorite dish. Total bacon convenience is here in the form of our "No Fry, On the Fly" gourmet bacon spreads. The perfect gift the your friends, family and your pantry!

Add bacon to any dish easily thanks to this TBJ Gourmet classic uncured Bacon Jam spread! Featuring a savory and slightly sweet flavor. You absolutely must try a toasted peanutbutter and bacon jam sandwich. So good, Elvis the King would approve! $6.99




Bellisari's, a company that  celebrates the tradition of great food and family, offers unique recipes and an exceptional line of products including

spreads and sauces.

Bellisari's Blue Cheese, Honey & Shallot Spread

This creamy decadent spread is a complex arrangement of
sharp and salty blue cheese flavor, artisan honey and finished
with a balance of roasted shallots. Serve on toasted, crusty

baguette slices and top with crumbled pancetta pieces.

Heat to serve.

Harvest Ginger Peach Spread

The bold combination of sweetness of peaches, the spice of

ginger and other spices create a unique flavor of autumn in

this versatile spread suitable for all occasions. Spread Roquefort

on toast points, top with a spoonful of Harvest Ginger Peach for

a quick and easy appetizer.

Barista Sauce A Burger & Finishing Sauce

Don’t let the name fool you...This sweet, thick sauce has a

complex flavor line-up that lingers with a subtle kick of black

pepper and red chilies. Made in small batches, this sauce is

perfect as a finishing touch on succulent pulled pork or

brushed on grilled chicken in the last 20 minutes of cooking.

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