Special Events
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Next Wine Guild is Dec 17th
6:45 pre-tasting
event starts at 7pm!
$5pp educational fee

Remember to bring a chair

This is an outdoor event that is cancelled
if it rains.
RSVP not required
Questions please call Mike (757)365-0932
November 26th
The last Friday of the month
(not always the 4th) but the last Friday.

6:45pm pre-tasting with the main
event starting at 7:00pm!

This is an outdoor event that is cancelled if it rains.
Bring a chair and $5pp for an education fee.
RSVP not required
Questions please call Mike (757)365-0932
from 6 Bears and a Goat
Brewing Company
will be enticing us with a variety
of their amazing brews!

Pretaster—KP-142 Pilsner—classic American pilsner A clean, refreshing, pale lager, showcasing a grainy-corn and malt flavor with crisp hop bitterness!

  1. Mae West Blonde--Easy drinking and low in bitterness. A light floral and spicy hop character pairs with malty sweetness and a refreshing finish. Beer that honors legendary WW2 blonde bombshells.

  2. O’ Dark Thirty-- Unsweetened chocolate and light roasted coffee highlight this Irish Extra Stout.

  3. Pollar Roller IPA-- With a unique scarlet hue and slight hint of caramel and malt flavor, this East Coast IPA is rounded out with a satisfying dry finish. Named for the US Coast Guard's Polar Class icebreakers.

  4. Eagle Aye IPA --Classic American IPA featuring Mosaic hops. Light crystal malt sweetness and bold mango, citrus and pine hop flavors balance together to create this golden easy drinking IPA.


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